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At Resume Croc, our experts thoroughly review your resume so you can find out what and what not you have done right.
The result of the review will include;

Styling & formatting
  • Does your resume follow the industry’s best formatting style?
  • Does the style and organization of your resume enable you to effectively showcase your skills and accomplishments?
  • Does your resume have a dedicated area to state your professional candidacy in order for you to prove your suitability for the vacancy?

Language & clarity
  • Did you ensure that your resume has consistent punctuations, tone, and grammatical tense?
  • Is the writing coherent, easy to follow, and free of grammatical and factual errors?
  • Does your resume’s language present you as one of the top professionals in your industry who will add value to an organization?

ATS compatibility check
  • Does an ATS see your resume as a good fit for the type of jobs you are targetting?
  • How does the ATS interpret your professional achievements, experiences, and skills?
  • What industries does the ATS find you suitable for?
  • Will the ATS actually be able to pull out the required information from your resume?

How does the Applicant Tracking System work?

Did you know that over 70% of job applications never reach the hiring managers because they are screened out by an ATS?

Over the last few years, the applicant tracking systems have become the go-to tools for hiring managers and recruiters around the world. Regardless of what type of job you are applying for, your resume must satisfy an ATS before it gets through to the employer or recruiter. Essentially, an APS helps in ranking job applications for a particular job vacancy. If your resume wasn’t created with applicant tracking systems in mind then your application is likely not to pass through to the recruiter or the hiring manager even though you consider yourself worthy and qualified.

Your dream job depends on how ATS-friendly your resume is. Want to find out how your resume will fare in an ATS? Upload your resume to get a free ATS review.

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