Business Resume Sample

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With the growing number of businesses and enterprises, there is increasing competition in the job market. To stand amongst this rising competition, you need to emphasize your soft and hard skills efficiently. Your resume must showcase your skills and experiences and impress employers at first glance. The writers at ResumeCroc are here to provide you with effective resume writing services, for the professional presentation of your skillset. Let our experts create impressive resumes as they are aware of the latest recruitment trends in the market. Please have a look at our resume samples below to get an idea regarding our services.

The following aspects can highlight the effectiveness of these resume samples.

It is simple and concise, with effective usage of bullet points and white spaces to give the resume a professional and formal look.

The resume is ATS-friendly with the incorporation of relevant keywords regarding business positions and is personalized to the particular job position and candidate’s skills and experiences.

Short and simple phrases are used along with numbers and symbols to highlight your skills and expertise better and impress employers.

Formal fonts are used instead of using complex and fancy fonts for a professional impression.

A professional summary is included instead of including a non-specific objective statement for highlighting the key areas of expertise and skillset.

The resume is easy to understand such that the employer can get a good idea about your skills and expertise just by having a glance at your resume.

Top skills to include in your business resume

A business resume must include both soft and hard skills; some of the most important skills for a business resume are as follows

  • Strong ability to communicate with coworkers at the workplace and with clients. Both written and verbal communication are essential for any business position.
  • Proficiency in customer relationship systems (CRM) to integrate and automate sales, customer support, and marketing.
  • Teamwork and collaboration at the workplace as businesses thrive when they have a diverse team of individuals.
  • Problem solving and innovation for coming up with creative and efficient solutions to any encountered issues at the workplace.
  • Leadership skills for supervising teams, working on projects, achieving business objectives, and setting positive examples for other team members.
  • Effective and efficient project management skills for bringing leadership and direction in projects and smooth business operations.
  • Analytical skills for dealing with challenging situations at the workplace, brainstorming, suggesting solutions, and analyzing emerging trends in the market.
  • Business certifications such as in marketing, accounts, supply chain, project management, and database.

Other key skills to be included in the business resume are,

  • Salesforce
  • Cold calling
  • Active listening
  • Client Prospecting
  • Critical thinking
  • Cross-functional communication
  • Staff management
  • Cost reduction strategies
  • Supply chain distribution
  • Strategic planning
  • Relevant business software proficiency

The following article highlights some tips for writing business resumes.

Tips for writing effective business resumes

Professional resumes are essential for securing jobs in the growing competition. Different employers have different demands regarding what they are looking for in an employee, depending upon the respective business position.

Use relevant keywords

For writing effective resumes, you must include keywords and phrases relevant to the particular job position. If you are applying for the role of a marketing manager, you should include relevant keywords as mentioned in the job requirements and other essential marketing skillsets. This would let your resume pass through applicant tracking software (ATS) and meet the job requirements.

Include a resume summary

You should highlight your key skills and experiences in the summary section that is the first part of a resume. This brief statement showcases your skillsets and can instantly impress the employer if written effectively. It shows how you are the ideal candidate for the job.

Demonstrate your soft skills

Every candidate includes a list of soft skills such as communication, teamwork, time management in his resume. Merely listing your soft skills is not enough for impressing the employer and getting an interview call.

Besides mentioning your soft skills in the skills section, it would be best if you explained them in terms of your previous experiences. This would showcase how you delivered value and quality at your previous jobs. Such as, instead of simply mentioning leadership skills, you can say, “through effective supervision of a marketing campaign, profits increased by 10%.”

Highlight your certifications and experiences in separate sections

Often business positions require particular education and certifications. Make sure to highlight your relevant certifications and education in the education section. The experience section is often listed in the second place after the resume introduction. You should include only those job experiences, internships, or volunteer work relevant to the particular job positions.

Tailor your resume to the job requirement

A common mistake made by candidates applying for jobs is sending a standard resume to several job positions. Your resume serves to represent you in front of the employer and will only result in an interview call if the employer gets what he is looking for. It is essential to tailor the resumes according to particular job requirements and include relevant experiences and skillsets.

Avoid the usage of generic phrases

Employers look at hundreds of applications for a job position, and most of them do not prove fruitful due to the over usage of generic phrases. In order to stand out amongst the tremendous competition, you should spend some time exploring how you can deliver value to the employer through your services instead of merely mentioning phrases such as “hard worker” or “committed employee.”

Keep your resume short and concise

The standard length for a resume is 2 to 3 pages at maximum. It would be best if you did not go beyond this length as it can pose a negative impression on the employer, and he would probably not consider reading your entire resume. Keep your resume precise and to the point.

Through these tips, you would be able to write effective resumes for any business position and impress employers.