Engineering Resume Sample

Ready to reach new heights in your engineering career?

Engineers are the ones who develop solutions for technical issues and bring ideas into reality. They invent, design, analyze, build and test machines, complex systems, gadgets, and materials to fulfill functional objectives and requirements. In the growing competition in the engineering job market, an impressive resume can help you acquire your dream job.

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The following aspects can highlight the effectiveness of these resume samples,

The resume strikes a proper balance between technical knowledge, personal skills, and practical experience.

The relevant skills are emphasized through the usage of bullet points in such a way as to grab the employer’s attention.

Instead of merely mentioning experience in the previous companies, the job responsibilities are mentioned in a quantifiable way through the usage of numbers and statistics to highlight the previously delivered value and quality work.

White spaces are used with wide margins and clear breaks between sections to give the resume a proper format and structure.

The resume is ATS-friendly with the incorporation of relevant keywords regarding engineering positions and is personalized to the particular job position and candidate’s skills and experiences.

Top Skills to be Included in an Engineering Resume

An engineering resume must include the following skills

Problem-solving and creativity

A significant part of an engineer’s job involves assessing a situation, identifying the underlying problems, and finding practical and innovative solutions.

Industry skills

You should include some experience and skillsets related to the company and the job position for which you are applying.

Computer Science

Computer and IT skills are required in a variety of engineering disciplines. You should make sure to include the relevant skills such as programming that may be appealing to potential employers.


Most engineering projects involve working in a team with your coworkers or other professionals. Employers highly demand teamwork and cooperation skills.

Pressure management

This is an essential skill in terms of difficult situations that can arise in an engineering project. It would be best if you highlighted in your resume how effectively you handled stress at your previous jobs in challenging situations and came up with a solution.

Structural Analysis

It is required to make the calculations to confirm that proposed plans are safe and functional in an engineering project.

Data modeling

Engineers must gather data, create models and analyze data for coming up with a plan to execute a project. Through effective data modeling, organizations can avoid spending heavily on ineffective procedures.

Other hard skills that to be included in the resume are,

  • Mechanical skills
  • Project management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Prototyping
  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes
  • Workflow development
  • Knowledge of applicable laws

The following article will provide you various tips on writing a perfectly balanced engineering resume.

Tips on writing a well-balanced engineering resume

A well-balanced resume including your personal skills, technical knowledge, and practical experience is important for impressing the employer and securing your dream job. Following are some tips to write impressive resumes.

Make your resumes easier to skim

Your resume is a brief document showcasing your skills and experiences. It should be written comprehensively yet concisely. Long sentences and big texts make it difficult to read and interpret.

Therefore, you should always present information in bullet points with short, meaningful sentences and keep your resumes to a maximum of 3 pages in length.

Write a strong resume introduction

The resume introduction is the first section that an employer sees on your resume. This section should be written such that the employer wants to know more about you makes it to the end of your resume. You should state how experienced you are, your qualifications, and what value you can add to the company.

Showcase your relevant skills

You should include your technical and non-technical skills in the skill section that should be relevant to the job position you are applying. You can mention software in which you are competent such as,

  • SolidWorks
  • Tinkercad
  • AutoCAD
  • Inventor HSM

Several engineering jobs require proficiency in specialized software, so mentioning them in your resume would make you the required candidate for the employer.

Include relevant experience

It would be best if you analyzed the job description carefully and assess the experience requirements. Even if you have years of experience, you should include those relevant to the current job position under consideration. This requires the usage of relevant keywords to make your resume ATS friendly. Moreover, it would help if you showcased your experiences quantitatively using figures and stats to highlight the value delivered at previous jobs.

Include what is needed and exclude extra information

Your resume is the demonstration of your skills and experiences in front of the employer. You should tailor your content to meet the recruiter’s needs. For this purpose, you should modify your resume and include relevant content whenever applying for a new job. Moreover, exclude unnecessary information that can take up extra space, such as marital status and other unnecessary private details.

Pro tip!

You should include a separate section of relevant key projects you have performed at your previous jobs in your engineering resume. This would further impress the employer and can surely lead to an interview call.