10 Trending mass communication jobs that pay well in 2021

When we hear the words “Mass Communication,” the principal thing that strikes a chord is individuals we see on TV or hear over the radio. Yet, the choices for Mass Communication are not restricted to these. Different ventures require the aptitude of communication majors, not only in mass media but as in organizations that promote items and brands. As a result, a development of 4% in employment in the media and communication field is expected by 2029.

Mass Communication involves correspondence and communication with mass crowds and is named “Mass Communication.” Communication with ourselves is known as intrapersonal communication, and the face-to-face conversion between two individuals is interpersonal communication. School and college lectures are examples of group communication, yet there is another communication degree when we read papers, magazines, listen to the radio, use social apps and watch TV. As the message is reached to almost the whole world through media, it is called “Mass Communication.”

The interaction whereby media organizations transmit messages to the colossal crowd is called mass communication.

Mass communication is commonly linked with media studies, but in the United States, it is now associated with journalism, radio broadcasting, public relations, and advertising. In addition, with diversification, mass communication studies have been extended to social media and new media, which have more substantial feedback than other sources.

Numerous companies offer a job in the Mass Communication department. You can work as announcers, editors, reporters, columnists, correspondents, freelance writers, photojournalists, etc., in these companies. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Trinity Mirror
  • Financial Times
  • The Guardian Media Group
  • NBCUniversal
  • WarnerMedia
  • FOX Corporation
  • ViacomCBS

A media professional needs a four-year degree for entry-level job positions. However, degree-holders can set themselves from the competition by procuring graduate degrees in correspondence to growing their expert extension.

Jobs for media and communication majors are most likely to be in media organizations, but the field likewise has numerous aspects and spaces of change that lead to conventional professions. Some of them are listed below:

1- Advertising and marketing managers:

These media specialized experts work to create public interest in the items or services offered by their bosses. They work with division heads or item supervisors and regularly meet with customers to determine needs.

These experts lead statistical surveying to comprehend consumer desires and gain new buyers.

Expected salary:

The annual wage of advertising managers is $133,460

The annual wage of marketing managers is $142,170

Degree required:


Job outlook:

Generally, the employment of advancements and administrators is projected to grow 6% from 2019 to 2029, quicker than average for all occupations. Therefore, publicizing, advancements, and advertising will keep on being fundamental for associations as they keep up and extend a lot of the market.

2- Art directors:

Art directors settle on significant level choices on business or innovative ventures, including planning style and overseeing gatherings of artists or designers. They build up plan standards and decide how to best pass on a message through the given medium. They additionally endorse formats, designs and arrange other creative exercises.

Expected salary:

The annual wage of an art director is $97,270

Degree required:


Job outlook:

Jobs of art directors is projected to decline 2% from 2019-2029

3- Announcers:

Announcers present new broadcasts, music, podcasts, TV shows, news, and sports. To become a booming announcer, you have to keep yourself updated every time. Announcers are those who control the overall show with energy. They also host interviews, so one has to be spontaneous to come up with comments during interviews.

Announcers are considered public figures to keep an active social media appearance to give their comments and commercial engagements from time to time.

Expected salary:

The annual wage of announcers is $36,770

Degree required:

  • Radio and television announcers should have a bachelor’s degree in journalism or broadcasting.

Job outlook:

The growth rate of announcers increased 1% from 2019-2029.

4- Event planners:

As the name shows, this job involves point-by-point arranging and mastermind events. These occasions could go from business shows, noble cause occasions, affair evenings, proficient classes, government gatherings, instructive discussions to weddings, displays, and parties.

The event organizer meets with the customer regarding the occasion’s purpose, theme, scene, the number of anticipated participants, and what they hope to accomplish during or after the occasion. Then, the data is coordinated and conveyed to the staff, providers, and different suppliers required for the occasion. An event organizer ought to be a powerful communicator since everything should go as planned.

The event organizer is likewise liable for dealing with the financial budget for the appointments, catering, stylistic layouts, speakers, staff, and other customer demands.

Expected salary:

The annual wage of event planners is $50,600.

Degree required:

Bachelors in Event Management.

Growth rate:

The growth rate of event planners is projected to grow 8% from 2019-2029

5- Brand strategist:

The primary job of a brand strategist is to discover techniques and strategies for their brand to be known and be seen by the devouring public. To do so, you should do some research, dissect the information accumulated, realize what draws in customers to be faithful to the brand, and study the contenders’ weak points.

Being a brand strategist is simply being creative and coming up with a storyline for the brand that makes you unique from all brands out there. Social media presence also plays a vital role in branding or marketing, especially in this modern age.

Expected salary:

The annual wage of a Brand Strategist is $125,510

Degree required:

Bachelors/ Bachelors in marketing

Growth rate:

The growth rate of the brand strategist is projected to grow 6% from 2019-2029.

6- Writer:

Writers should initially research their point and present plans to draw in their objective readers. Likewise, one should see no plagiarism or copyright encroachments made in work and that legitimate references are made. Writers usually work with editors and publishing organizations.

These experts create convincing and drawing-in content, frequently attracting their crowds. Some emphasize fiction, while others work with life stories, scripts, and long-structure articles.

If you have an interest in someone’s life, you ought to consider being a biographer. Bloggers have more opportunities to compose on their sites, which could be about a specific subject or different ones. Copywriters center around advertisements and advancements for their customers. Authors, dramatists, and screenwriters can allow their minds to go crazy on their compositions. Speech specialists are slanted to a more genuine nature as they get ready addresses for individuals of note like government officials, influencers, entrepreneurs.

Expected salary:

The annual wage for writers and authors is $67,120

Degree required:

Bachelors degree in Journalism, Communication, or English.

Growth rate:

Jobs for writers are projected to decline by 2% from 2019-2029.

7- Filmmaker/ producer:

Producers and directors make movies, TV programs, live theater, ads, and other performing expressions creations.

They additionally hold the audition and do the casting, set up the timetable for recording, and are engaged with pretty much every part of the venture, from lighting, sounds, enhancements to the general yield. The work proceeds even after the venture is finished. They ought to promote TV and public broadcasts, shopping centers, film festivals, and different occasions.

The main distinction between these two is that the movie producer or director settles on the venture’s inventive choices while the producer is answerable for its business and monetary viewpoints.

Expected salary:

The annual wage of producers/filmmakers is $74,420

Degree required:

You have to do a bachelor’s in filmmaking.

Growth rate:

There is an increase of 10% in filmmaking/production.

8- Editors:

They manage groups of authors and regularly have proficient composing experience. Ordinary undertakings incorporate amending content for distribution, confirming sources and verifying sources, and setting strategies related to style and tone.

Editors work with writers to foster substantial thoughts with more extensive vital points. Naturally, therefore, they need savvy instinct, solid correspondence bits of knowledge, and administrative abilities.

They are liable for the design, setting of articles, photographs, advertisements, and titles in the eventual outcome before a similar mass is created. Papers, magazines, diaries, books, nearly anything printed requires the mastery of an editor.

Expected salary:

The annual wage of editors is $63,400

Degree required:

Bachelors degree in communication, journalism, or English.

Growth rate:

A decline rate of 7% is projected from 2019-2029.

9- Public relations director:

Public Relations Directors go about as contacts among customers and the overall public. They create and keep up their customers’ public image and produce media to support that picture. For example, official statements, web-based media posts, and addresses.

They additionally react to media demands for the benefit of their bosses. Frequently directing focused on exploration to more readily comprehend or conjecture public opinion.

Expected Salary:

The annual wage for public relations specialists is $62,810

Degree required:

Bachelor’s degree in public relations, journalism, communication, or business.

Growth Rate:

The job rate of public relations specialists is projected to grow 7 percent from 2019 to 2029,

10- Interpreter and translator:

Translators and interpreters convert data between languages, empowering clear lines of correspondence. These experts can interpret or decipher the expressed word progressively, either verbally or in gesture-based communication.

Mediators and interpreters should be familiar with in any event two languages and ready to move between them uninhibitedly.

Expected salary:

The annual wage for interpreters and translators was $52,330

Degree required:

Bachelors or native-level proficiency in English and at least one other language.

Growth rate:

The jobs of interpreters and translators are projected to grow 20 percent from 2019 to 2029

These are some of the trending mass communications jobs one should follow. By now, you might have got an idea about the type of job you want to opt for and what its requirements are.
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