How to see saved jobs on LinkedIn – Easy steps to follow

There are tonnes of business networking and job search portals available on the internet these days. However, unlike the centric social media platforms, LinkedIn has evolved into a business-promoting tool. The platform provides a great range of opportunities for the workers to explore their perfect job. It serves a wide range of business workforce needs for different organizations.

According to Oberlo, more than 160 million users in the USA and as many as 30 million companies use this platform to promote their business brands and seek job opportunities. When you take into consideration the number of hiring managers who successfully found the perfect human resource and the number of workers who landed their dream job on LinkedIn, these numbers may not be as surprising.

Saving jobs in your LinkedIn profile

For HR managers and business recruiters, LinkedIn has become a vitally important tool for finding the right candidate to fill a position. Likewise, the platform plays an important role in helping job seekers secure their desired job.

Whether you are looking to secure a job as the CEO, administrator, or just an individual from the working team, LinkedIn can provide great features for job seekers to keep an eye on the latest jobs posted on the web. In addition, you’ll find out LinkedIn to be an important resource if you are actively searching for a job. So how do you see saved jobs on your LinkedIn profile?

Because LinkedIn is now one of the leading job-seeking websites, its numerous features are specifically designed for this purpose. One of its key uses is that it allows job seekers and currently employed workers to ‘save’ any desired job in their profile. They can apply to these LinkedIn save jobs anytime.

Even though LinkedIn offers a user-friendly navigation system and extremely efficient user design, yet most people don’t know how to see saved jobs on LinkedIn. In this blog post, we will show you how you can save jobs in your LinkedIn account and how you can see them in the future.

How you can find jobs on LinkedIn

With ever-increasing competition in the job market, it has increasingly difficult for applicants to land a job that truly matches their career profile. The Covid-19 crisis worsened as many of us were chasing our dream jobs but getting little to no response from employers due to an overall delay in the recruitment activities.

However, despite all the recruitment problems the Coronvirus has caused, job seekers are still active on LinkedIn, trying their best to find jobs according to their skill-set, expertise, and academic qualification. But what if you want to save viewed jobs in your profile so you can come back later to submit your application? Well, LinkedIn knows exactly why you might need to save jobs in your profile, and that is precisely why they have this specific feature in place.

LinkedIn allows you to save hundreds of jobs under your “Jobs” section. Moreover, even you are allowed to manage these saved jobs.

Managing jobs you saved on LinkedIn.

When you search for a job on LinkedIn, you can save it at any time by clicking the Save button on the job details page.

Accessing and unsaving jobs you’ve saved on the LinkedIn desktop site:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Jobs at the top of your homepage.
  3. Click  Track my jobs above the search bar at the top of the page.
  4. Any jobs you’ve saved are listed under Saved jobs. Click on a job to view the job details and begin the application process.
    • To unsafe a saved job, click the  Cancel icon to the right of the job title. You can also unsave a job by clicking the job and clicking Unsave at the top of the job details page.

Finding saved jobs from your smart device

Here are the steps of finding saved jobs on LinkedIn easily on your smartphone.

1.      Steps to see saved jobs from Android devices:

You can also remove the saved jobs if they are not active or suits your needs. Click on the arrow shown on the right side of each job and click on the unsafe option.

  • The initial step is to visit the Google Play Store and download the LinkedIn application.
  • Then you need to return to the landing page and pick the LinkedIn application on your Android telephones, tablets, or Notepad.
  • The third step is to choose the choice of Jobs which is arranged on the right side.
  • Further, you need to tap on three vertical symbols that are adjoining the search box. Tapping on these symbols will show you various choices.
  • Now, you need to choose the alternative of “Save Jobs” from the rundown. In this way, you can even explore more jobs and also see a list of saved jobs on your account.

2.      Steps to see saved jobs from iOS devices:

  • Firstly, you should need to download the LinkedIn application on your iPhone from the App Store.
  • Then you need to open the application from the landing page.
  • The second step is to tap on the alternative of Jobs at the base aspect of the application.
  • Now you have to tap on the menu.
  • Now click on the section of Saved jobs mention at the bottom of this page.

To delete the saved job through your Apple device,  you have to tap on the menu of your account that is situated on the right side of the app. Now click on the Unsave option at the bottom.

How can employees and recruiters view your list of saved jobs on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn allows you to bookmark your jobs on your profile. It will also let you share your preferences with your companions. The current employers and business recruiters will not be allowed to see your saved jobs unless you bookmark them on your profile. The feature of LinkedIn has been specifically designed for user convenience and timeless searching for jobs.

What’s really amazing about this feature is that there will be no limit on saving jobs in your account. You can add as many jobs as you want that suit best with your profession. All of your activities, such as liking and disliking on LinkedIn, will be kept private.