How to write a resume for a teacher with no experience?

Are you trying to write a resume for a teacher with no experience? Writing your first resume in any new professional field of work is the first step you must take before submitting your application.

Writing a resume might seem like a difficult task but think of resume writing as a method to effectively understand yourself while putting forth your teaching skills and relevant experience to potential school districts.

Creating a resume for a teacher with no teaching experience can be challenging for most people. Teachers require a broad range of skills to connect easily to different types of students and professionals; therefore, their resume is specially built to showcase those qualifications.

The following resume writing tips for beginners in the teaching field will provide ideas you may not have considered before.

What should be included in your new resume?

As competition for teaching jobs becomes more fierce, your resume should showcase your best points as an educational professional and demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the job position.

Showcase relevant education and credentials

As a new graduate, it is often advisable to start your resume with your educational certifications rather than part-time or volunteer work experience.

Your educational degrees, credentials, and certifications play an essential role in securing that teaching job interview, so an education section and other relevant details should be included at the top of your document.

For example, Bachelor of Science (Education), major, school attended, and year completed.

The education section should include any recent certifications and credentials you have received. The state or district you are licensed to teach, the grade levels, and subject matter certification should all be stated.

Highlight relevant teaching or related experiences

It is not a surprise that you might have little or no classroom experience as a recent graduate. When drafting your resume, make sure to list your positions held in reverse order, from the most recent to oldest. Any experience spent in the classroom or with children is of utmost importance and should be stated.

Examples are your time as a student teacher intern, practicum student, and individual conducting field experience.

But if you don’t have any classroom-related experiences, it is important to share any skill you are developing relevant to the job being applied for while emphasizing your experiences that will demonstrate your work ethics.

Examples of experiences you can include:

  • Jobs like babysitting
  • Extracurricular activities, such as clubs and sports
  • Technological skills and extra languages.
  • Volunteer work

Aim at highlighting the skills you developed in each role you played, especially those relevant in the job position.

Expand on responsibilities and achievements relevant to teaching skills

You must dig for relevant teaching and instructing achievements and incorporate them into your resume. Here, you don’t simply list your positions, but you discuss the duties performed and the results yielded through your effort.

These accomplishments will definitely showcase your teaching abilities and impress the readers. They can be a raging challenge you faced and how you overcame it, improvements you made over time, or specific goals you attained.

Responsibilities you might want to consider for your resume include student assessment, lesson planning, instruction, technology integration, classroom management,  motivation, and individualized assistance.

Deep thinking and time are needed in this section, as your achievements and versatility are what sets you apart from the other teachers with little or no experience.

Teacher Professional Development

At the end of your new teacher’s resume, create a separate area for professional development. In this section, you have the opportunity to highlight various courses, workshops, extra classes, in-services, and conferences you have attended. This is an excellent way to show you are committed and still open to more growth through continuous education.

Use educational terms

Remember that your resume might be scanned through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) before a human sees it and as such certain keywords should be used to make sure your resume gets past the Applicant Tracking System software.

You should make sure your resume includes enough relevant keywords as the ATS might automatically reject it even when your experiences are perfect for the job position.

It is suggested to use the job posting details to identify the relevant keywords needed. Take note of the job requirements and incorporate the important words in each one in your resume.

Some commonly used resume keyword includes academic goals, classroom management, child development, differentiated instructions, extracurricular direction, growth mindset, interactive classroom, and technology integration.

Additional resume writing tips to consider when creating a new teacher resume with no experience


After constructing your resume, pay attention to details by checking for spelling typos, grammatical errors, and inconsistencies. You might consider asking a more experienced person to look over the document before submitting it to the employer. And don’t forget always to review your resume after the new update.

Use a unique layout

Choosing a layout is important as most recruiters favor traditional or reverse chronological resumes for their straightforward and easy-to-understand work history.  This entails listing your work history from most recent to oldest. For a teacher’s resume with no experience, this is ideal.

Keep the font type and size consistent.

You should choose a font type and size that is easy to pronounce and read. Also, note that consistency makes your resume look professional, so it is important to use the same font size for all of your section headings, the same for the other write-ups.

Keeping it concise

Employers want professionally polished resumes; therefore, your resume should be made brief but powerful, easy to scan through and understand as recruiters may not spend much time on it.

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