Best Jobs to Look for if You Want Flexibility in Your Career

What are you looking for in your career? The answer to that question is going to vary massively from person to person; however, for many the main thing they are looking for is flexibility. This could be because they are trying to study on the side of their career, have family commitments, or simply don’t like the idea of being tied down by specific hours. If this sounds like you and you are hoping to get a job that is much more flexible than the regular 9 – 5, then you’re in the right place. Here are some of the best jobs you should look out for if flexibility within your career is important.

Computing & IT

We rely on technology now more so than any other period in history, both in our professional and personal lives. As such, there is a constant need for people who are capable of repairing websites, hardware and also fixing internet security. Usually, these jobs come with a good deal of flexibility as your services will only be required when something needs fixing. Industries that operate in the likes of digital marketing, business consulting, education and cloud solutions usually offer incredibly flexible computing and IT jobs.

Delivery Driving

There are a lot of delivery driving jobs that do not come with flexibility if you are employed by a specific organization. This means if you are delivering for the likes of Amazon, then you will be given a daily number of packages and be expected to deliver them. That being said, this is not the only way that you can make a living out of delivery driving.

You can apply for delivery driving work on sites such as Shiply which have a load board that is full of different delivery jobs that need carrying out. You can then select those that you are interested in doing and quote how much you would charge, afterwards the organization requesting delivery can either accept or reject your bid. This is a very flexible way to carry out deliveries as you will only be putting yourself forward for the jobs that you are interested in doing and have the capacity for. Click here to find out more information on truck loads.

Education and Training

Again, if you work in education within a school or a college, then you will be looking at reasonably strict hours. This is not the only way to get a career within education though. Instead, you can work on a much more flexible basis as you can get work as a private tutor which means you will only be teaching students who you want to teach and who you have time to teach. This can be private tutoring in lessons they have at school but need more help with or something that is more of a hobby like a musical instrument.


Having flexibility within your career can be great as it means you are able to only take on work you have time for. There are a lot of flexible careers out there; however, some of the most popular are those that are listed above.