Walmart cashier’s duties, skills and responsibilities

Walmart stores are known for their busy schedule with so many people trooping in to visit the store to get a thing or two; as such, Walmart cashier’s duties involve a lot as they will be attending to lots of customers daily.

Cashiers are the determining factor in the experience a customer will have when they visit a store. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that Walmart cashiers behave professionally while at work and when dealing with customers to build and uphold its reputation.

What are the duties of a Walmart Cashier?

Cheerful persona

They are expected to:

  • Always have a cheerful smile on their face as they welcome many customers.
  • Be friendly, welcoming, and warm towards customers.
  • In a jovial manner, welcome customers, greet the customers as they arrive at Walmart, and greet them before any transaction is made.
  • Scan the items a customer bought and ensure they disable security devices placed on items and bags.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of any cash counter assigned to them and keep their immediate surrounding areas neat.
  • Comply with all management laid down procedures and policies.
  • Exchange pleasant greetings or wish the customers a nice day as they leave the store.
  • Direct customers who need help to a customer service representative and ensure they are serviced before leaving.

Customer care services

Cashiers also provide certain customer care services since they are usually the first people customers see when entering the Walmart store. Services such as giving information on merchandise, ongoing offers, store policies, or new promotions are part of the Walmart Cashier’s duties.

They need:

  • To assist customer care agents in handling returns and exchanges of merchandise.
  • To be good listeners and communicators. They should pay undivided attention to customers” issues and take valid steps to help them resolve them.
  • To guide customers to customer care staff.

Quick response

Walmart cashiers are expected to be fast and accurate in their dealings with the customer’s purchase as there will always be many customers to attend to.

  • They should be fast in operating the cash register to speed up line movement and avoid line clogging.
  • They should be able to operate the POS (point of sale) fast and effectively.
  • They also have the responsibility of verifying customers’ age when age-restricted merchandise such as alcohol is purchased.

Efficient finance handling

Walmart cashier’s duties majorly revolve around handling the financial and accounting aspects of the store sales; as such, it involves:

  • The total amount of money received at the start of the day and end of the work shift balances cash drawers.
  • To scan and total the prices of merchandise a customer purchases and itemize all the purchases made.
  • The collection of payments is made in cash, check, debit, credit card, or gift cards.
  • To provide customers with signed purchase receipts and refunding any change on a purchase after transactions.
  • Returning credit, debit, or gift cards after verification of payments.
  • To record the departments and prices of purchases made.
  • Note price changes, referring to special sales bulletins and price sheets.
  • When customers might have a mind change on item purchase, ring up customers’ purchases, apply valid discounts, and scan coupons that customers may hand to them.
  • Handling any discrepancies that occur during their shifts.

Team spirit

  • They can assist sales associates in restocking returned merchandise on shelves.
  • They may help in bagging and wrapping purchases unless during rush hours as baggers may be provided by the store.
  • They may also have to perform as cart pullers.

Walmart cashier minimum education requirement

Basic skills requirements

Listed below are some skills needed to help you succeed in your duties as a Walmart cashier;

  • Ability to handle the pressure
  • Effective Customer care ability
  • Electronic equipment familiarity
  • Excellent communication skill
  • Friendly personality
  • Professional finance handling
  • Proper Bookkeeping
  • Relevant computer knowledge
  • Team spirit
  • Time management
  • Top-notch arithmetic skill

Educational Requirements

The one best thing about applying for Walmart is that it requires no formal education for cashiers. However, some stores might require you to have a High School Diploma or GEDs for full-time positions. Walmart company often offers assistance to employees who still want to pursue their GEDs.


Walmart cashiers may work shifts either in the mornings or the evenings. And are often required to stand during those work hours. They may also have to come to compulsory work on certain holidays. They are to remain at their workstations unless permission is given to them to move.

This is due to their responsibility to watch over the money placed under their care, usually in their cash drawer, and be accounted for at the end of their shift. Walmart cashier duty can be strenuous as they must stand for hours performing the same task in a particular position. Adding to that strenuous list might be demanding customers.

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