What are 10 suitable jobs for right-brained introverts?

The Personality differences in humans offer an exciting discourse for study; it is essential to pinpoint and understand their individualistic nature. In the larger frame, a human is either an introvert or an extrovert. Being an introvert is sometimes helpful and sometimes not. But have you ever tried to identify an introvert? Or are you able to tell whether someone or you, yourself is an introvert? Though some of the common attributes as too shy, not outgoing, and too silent are aligned to being an introvert, not all introverts behave in this particular fixed manner.

Introverts are self-reflective, self-aware, and pay the most attention to their inner selves. Therefore, they prefer spending less time with other people who dispense their focus; this makes it hard for them to fit in a society of interactions and social relationships. Introversion is a personality trait that is driven by inner feelings. Due to this particular reason, most introverts are considered rude, arrogant, and proud. Communication is a challenge for introverts; they feel more comfortable in a monologue than a dialogue. Introverts are not bad at communication, but deep inside, they think that the sky will fall on their heads if they mess up a conversation. On the other hand, extroverts are the opposite of introverts who are people-oriented and find it therapeutic to express and communicate.

When it comes to working relationships, introverts need to find jobs to express themselves and craft their skills without compromising their innate characteristics. However, that is a different debate on to what extent introverts can amend attributes to adapt in a workplace. One great thing about introverts is that they have a dominance of the limbic brain- the right brain, that makes them more creative and emotional. So they can opt for a creative profession.

The best jobs for right-brained introverted people:

Many people fall in the category of introverts, although their proportion is lesser than that of extroverts. Introverts direly need jobs that cater to their interests and affinities yet make them comfortable in a workplace. The introverts must avoid jobs that seek lots of communication and discussion, for example, client dealing, etc. Being creative-minded, they should opt for a more creative field that requires less communication. The jobs that introverts can pursue are listed below:

1.    Writer:

 Writing is one of the most creative arts and skills; it requires researching, reading, and drafting. For writing, you have to be a prudent thinker, enthusiastic reader, and of course, a good crafter. It is something you do alone and requires peace of mind. I believe that most of the writers are introverts(well, that is just an opinion). However, writers have to be introverted because extroverts cannot stand hours-long isolation and persistent reading. The writing profession is well suited for introverts as it is the only platform where they can express themselves without hesitation and reluctance. The main reasons why writing is the best profession for introverts is:

  • They get time to reflect:

Writing is a thorough process that requires an extensive thought process. It is where writers relay their ideas smoothly; they inquire and build a chain of answers to the questions. In that way, writers have to spend more time reflecting, which introverts love to do. Therefore, the more time writers spend on reflecting, the more quality content they can produce.

  • Removes the barrier of interpersonal communication:

Interpersonal communication is a challenge for introverts. Writing is void of direct interpersonal communication; however, they communicate indirectly with an abstract reader/s. Therefore, introverts can express their sheer feelings, opinions, and thoughts without the fear of confronting people directly.

  • Writers are good readers and listeners:

Writing is an expanding skill that you can prune with more practice and reading. For becoming a good writer, it is essential to be a good reader and listener. Introverts are comfortable reading for hours and practicing in isolation, so it is easy for them to command the skill.

  • There is peace in isolation:

Writing seeks isolation, so do introverts. It is easy to sit in a corner and keep reading and writing for an introvert. Choosing writing as a profession can help introverts do a job that does not ask them to go far beyond their intrinsic personality type.

2.    Computer programmer:

What do programmers do? They sit on a computer and write codes. Computer programming is a complex profession as it requires exceptional analytical and logical skills. However, it is an excellent profession for introverts because it manifests their creative minds and frees them from the problem of interpersonal communication. It requires creativity and sharp-mindedness, which introverts can endeavor. The main reasons why computer programming is one of the best professions for introverts is:

  • The programmers do not need to work in groups or coordinate with other members. They can work independently, which removes the barrier of communication.
  • The perk of being a programmer is that they can work from anywhere. They can be self-employed and earn well from independent projects.
  • While it is usually thought that programming is all about typing, most of its work is in the programmer’s head. They need to think to get a solution to the problems, and that is it.

3.    Art therapist:

Art therapy is a mental health profession that uses art-making to improve people’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. It helps people manage their behavior, reduce stress and anxiety, increase self-esteem, and build interpersonal skills to resolve their conflicts and problems. It can help people of all ages, be it children, adolescents, young, adults, or old. The benefits of art therapy include:

  • It reduces mental stress and anxiety.
  • It builds confidence.
  • Manage mental health.
  • Resolve the conflicts in relationships

Introverts can find art therapy a good career because they get to work in small groups. It can be satisfying for introverts to employ art expression to help people stabilize themselves mentally and emotionally. People that come to art therapists do not get therapeutic advice; these people engage in different art forms like painting, sketching, dancing, singing, poetry, etc. In this way, it is one of the fantastic professions for introverts.

4.    Photographer:

A picture is worth a thousand words. True, photography is a unique art that tells the story, context, and aesthetic of a still. Photography is a skill of capturing moments that can appeal to the eyes while leaving a powerful impression. It is a kind of profession that does not require communication or interaction. It is just between the photographer and his camera. Photography is among the best jobs for introverts because it is a one-man show. Many people think that a good camera can click a good picture. No, a good photographer clicks a good photo. Photography is about creativity as photographers can create the images they sketch in their minds. The introverts who reflect and can spend time in a long thought process can click best shots. At the same time, it is essential to know the technical skills necessary for using a camera.

5.    Fashion designer:

Fashion designing is another good option for introverts who have an interest in fashion. Like any other art, fashion designing requires extended creative work at the back end to create outstanding and original clothing designs. Right-minded introverts can use their creative imagination skills to create new and unique designs. It is a profession where the designers have to spend time on sketching and designing; they keep working independently.

6.    Interior designer:

Interior designing is a profession about the décor of the indoor. The designers focus on creating the right look to meet their customer’s expectations. They have to play with colors, designs, patterns, shapes, and textures to create an aesthetically beautiful indoor space. It is a creative and exciting job that right-brained introverts will enjoy.

7.    Graphic designer:

Graphic designers use different tools and software to make print and online designs for brands. They can design the layout of the websites, create logos, and design book covers, packaging, or merchandise. They can use tools like Canva, Adobe, and PhotoADKing they provide ready-to-use templates like poster templates, flyer templates, brochure templates, and many more.

Like interior designing, graphic designing is a creativity-driven profession that introverts will enjoy doing. Also, it is a profession that needs focus and creativity, which right-brained introverts can endeavor.

8.    Animator:

Animation is the job of creating the movement of moving images to tell a story. I believe right-minded introverts can make the best animations as they can reflect and produce good storylines. It also requires the work to be done with immense focus. Therefore, the animation is a good profession for introverts that requires skills, focus, and brilliant concepts.

9.    Architect:

Architecture deals with designing establishments and outdoor places. Architecture requires a fair amount of logical skills and creative and visual skills. It demands zealous work be done to ensure the satisfaction of the client. It can be an excellent profession for introverts with outstanding analytical and creative skills.

10. Research scientist:

Introverts can get into the field of research if they have perseverance and analytical skills. Research scientists have to conduct deep analysis and spend most of their time working on hypotheses and testing them for empirical results. It demands high concentration and long hours of work. The interested introverts can choose this profession.

Bottom line:

Choosing a career job can be a daunting task for introverts, but thankfully, all professions do not have a set of requirements that make them inconvenient to pursue. Many jobs like writing, programming, fashion designing, art therapy, and many others are skill and creativity-driven, which can be the best options for right-brained introverts.