What are the responsibilities of a fast food cashier?

Fast-food business requires cashiers who can deal with customers and handle transactions in a very fast-paced environment. Therefore, one of the foremost requirements indicated in the job description for a fast-food cashier is that the candidate should have excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to administrate customer services.

Fast-Food cashier position description

So what exactly is the job description for a fast-food cashier? Typical work responsibilities of a fast-food cashier include managing all the monetary exchanges in the restaurant, recording the transactions, taking orders, keeping the front area nice and tidy for the walk-in customers, and acting as a bridge between the delivery drivers, the kitchen staff, the customers and the management.

Typical job responsibilities of a fast food cashier

  • Greets all customers politely when they enter the restaurant.
  • Records customer orders, both at the counter and at the drive-through (if applicable).
  • Transfers orders to the kitchen to ensure their preparation.
  • Monitors orders and ensures their prompt delivery.
  • Helps package food in boxes and bags.
  • Helps cook food and otherwise works in the kitchen when necessary.
  • Up-sells in-store promotions, when applicable.
  • Listens to and resolves customer complaints, suggestions, and inquiries.
  • Keeps the counter and dining area neat and clean.
  • Sweeps and mops the floor regularly.
  • Restocks napkins, straws, lids, and other supplies in the dining area.
  • Tallies orders served, and amount of cash received.
  • Handles bank transactions for the restaurant.
  • Inventories supplies and goods with supervising manager, when necessary.
  • Takes money from customers and provides correct change.
  • Processes credit card and debit card transactions.
  • Keeps track of a cash drawer and ensures it is balanced at the end of the shift.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Is solidly numerate.
  • Can follow directions and achieve goals.
  • Demonstrates strong customer service and interpersonal skills.
  • Can communicate effectively to a variety of clientele.

Education and Experience

A high school diploma or equivalent degree is often required for this position, though this depends on the employer.

Candidates for this position do not need prior experience as relevant training is provided on the job to learn employer-specific functions such as how to operate the register and learn information about menu items.

Sales experience is a plus. However, customer service experience does help when greeting customers, answering potential inquiries, and handling complaints, though this is not required.

Work Environment

A fast-food cashier serves a large volume of people over every shift, which can be taxing. In addition, standing for long periods of time while placing orders and fielding customer complaints is expected, contributing to back strain and foot problems.

Because paper money is a large carrier for bacteria and germs, frequent hand sanitization is another expectation. The environment is warm, bustling, and potentially noisy. The environment of a fast-food restaurant is populated by hot cooking surfaces, food, and oil, which can lead to injury.

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The average salary of a fast food cashier is between $15,000 and $19,000, with a median income of $16,000, with variances depending upon experience, location, and employer.

Hourly rates for this position can range anywhere from $7.25 to $9, with the potential for overtime. For more than ten years, people who have worked in this position can have hourly rates as high as $10.50, though this depends mainly on the employer.